Title of presentation Speaker Company
8:30 Coffee and registration
9:00 Opening of the 5GSatCom seminar Kees Buijsrogge TNO
9:15 Involvement of Thales Alenia Space in 5G Cyril Michel Thales
9:40 3GPP activities on 5G integration with Satcom Toon Norp TNO – 3GPP
10:05 Satcom integration in 5G: Challenges and Opportunities in Cooperation – Roadmap Maria Guta ESA
10:30 Coffee break
10:45 The sky is not the limit – Technical challenges for 5G and satellites Jonas Sedin Ericsson
11:10 SaT5G – Research and validation activities Simon Watts Avanti Communications
11:35 SATis5 – Distributed Testbed for Satellite-Terrestrial Integration Thomas Schlichter Fraunhofer IIS
12:00 Panel Session on 5G and Satellite integration, status, vision and standardisation Terrestrial Vendor/Operator Chair; Panelists: Presenters
12:45 Lunch
14:15 Promoting the Role of Satellite in the 5G Ecosystem – the SES Perspective Alexander Geurtz SES
14:40 Media, the inconvenient vertical? Ronald Meyvisch Euro Media Group
15:05 Richard Lord iDirect
15:30 Coffee break
16:00 Media and Content delivery Panel Chair with 5 panelists (presenters + guest panelist)
16:30 SME sales pitch sessions
17:00 Pleanary -topic: common business models
17:30 Social event (please book your ticket separately)
Guided tour to the House of Parliament, joint dinner and transportation
Title of presentation Speaker Company
8:30 Coffee and registration
9:00 Opening of the 5GSatCom seminar Henk-Jan Vink TNO
9:10 Positioning and location-awareness in future 5g networks Lionel Ries ESA
9:35 Removing communication barriers Benne Engelen Anthony Veder
10:00 Coffee break
10:30 The role of satellite communications
in delivering 5G
Gerard Luursema Inmarsat
10:55 Rotterdam Harbor use case on 5G and SatCom integration Jos Beriere KPN
11:20 Logistics Panel Chair with 5 panelists (presenters + guest panelist)
12:00 Sponsors sales pitch
12:30 Lunch
14:00 Private LTE for public safety Catherine Melquist NetNumber
14:25 Radio Networks of the Future: French project on the use of satellites Emmanuelle Villebrun Ministry of Interior France

NLD MOD future requirements and operational consideration for the use of Satcom

Kol J.H.M. (Jan) der Kinderen Dutch ministry of Defense
14:50 Operational challenges of 24/7 connectivity Peter Bernard van Eldik Commander
15:15 Coffee break
15:45 Panel session on Public Safety vertical
16:20 ESA Downstream Business Applications and 5G Olivier Becu ESA
16:45 5G – Satellite perspective and role of ESOA Ammar Khan ESOA
17:10 Closing of the 5GSatCom seminar Erik Peeters TNO
17:20 Drinks + end

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